1. Good brushing can actually stop decay in its tracks

  2. Check sports drinks; some can be full of sugar

  3. Dip your interdental brushes or floss in a good mouthwash to help your gums

  4. Smoking causes bone loss which could result in loss of your teeth. Ask a member of our team for help/advice

  5. Diets high in Omega 3 and Antioxidants are proven to help against gum disease




Prevention and the pursuit of excellence is our primary goal at Bellsquarry Dentistry. We aim to embrace all potential barriers to oral health and provide an environment which allows for education, support and gentle treatment. We know that through understanding your dental needs coupled with our time and care, we can deliver the highest level of dentistry.

Child Smile Flipbook

Childsmile is fully underway now with great success. Our newest members of staff, Katie the Kangaroo and Duncan the Dragon are fitting in really well! They have put together a great fun flip book to help your child with their toothbrushing and interdental cleaning.

National Smile Month 19 May – 19 June

Smiling helps your mood to improve. Why not try a smile today!

National Smile Month

We offer translation services on request.